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Remotely Work From Home Opportunities!

LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC is always hiring for new remotely call center agents to work form home. Here you will find important information on ​how to begin on a great new journey of becoming a agent. Why wait when you can get started today on a great new path with our company.

Welcome To LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC

LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC has been in business for over 4 years our company has been placing individuals to work for many other companies. Our company is accredited with BBB ( Better Business Bureau), we look forward to placing you with the right company that better suits your skills and interests where you can make more income for your family. During the pandemic we want you to stay safe and earn extra income while working from home, our company has all the tools you need to help you be successful. 

Our Mission

LakeshaHillComapnay-AriseLLC Our Mission is to Provide Flexibility and Freedom! Agents can work from home or an office space of their own. We want all agents to earn an income while making time for daily life events. We feel individual's should be able to have time for Families,Doctors Appointments, School and etc. While also making a living for their self's and Love ones.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing exceptional support services to our remote agents. We understand this is a great new and exciting opportunity for all our agents that's why we are here to assist you from the registration stage to enrollment stage with any questions you may have we are here. We want all agents to feel welcomed and appropriated as they begin on their new path as a remote agent.


Our Company welcomes all agents no matter your background. At LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC when it comes to opening our company doors for remote agents we accept everyone from stay at home Mothers, Fathers, College Students, Military Families,Veteran Families, Seniors, etc. LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC wants everyone to have an opportunity to make a living or earn extra income everyone deserves new opportunities no matter your background. Our company respects the fact that not everyone is from the same background but is willing to place each and every agent with a fun and exciting client.

Our services

Flexible Hours!

As a remote agent you can pick your own hours that will work around your daily life Schedule.

Legitimate Remote Work!

We have Built our company on Trust, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, and good business practices. We will always uphold to this standard. Our company is also an Accredited Business.(Better Business Bureau)

Direct Deposit!

Get paid on time via direct deposit on the 15th and 30th/31st of each month.

New! Certification Reimbursement

Our Company is always looking for ways to help our new agents. Once you are enrolled in a certification class have passed certification then after 90 days our company will reimburse you for your certification course. Enroll within 30 days Earn up to $40,  Enroll within 45 days Earn up to $10, Enroll within 10 days Earn up to $99.

(Note: Available for Arise opportunities only. Available for your 1st Certification Class Only.)

Exciting Opportunities!

Our company provides great and fun new Clients for all our agents. We want all agents to have many different opportunities they can work for like Roadside Assistance, Cruise Line Company, Theme Parks, Internet/Cable, High Class Retail Stores, Home Improvement, Tax Services, and many more.

(Note: All positions are hourly based)

Thank You For Referring A Friend!

Our Company is always excited when you spread the good news about our many great opportunities. We welcome all agents to share our company with friends and family that are also looking for legitimate work from home opportunities.

Complete Referral Form

*Please have your referral input your name on the application form as well.

Referral must enroll into a client  certification class within 10 days

Referral must pass certification training

You earn $50, Sweet deal!

Additional Services!

Live Information Sessions/ Live Tax Sessions

All our new and potential agents will have a information session which will give them very important information on LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC and what we have to offer all agents. Our company will offer live tax sessions. All agents will be educated on their taxes, our company wants all agents to be worry-free around tax season. There will be a live Tax Consultant to teach each session so our agents will always be tax safe.

Meet and Greet

New agents will get a meet and greet so we can get to know you a little better. Every agent is very important to our company. We Love new faces and feel every new agent should know who they will be working for on a daily.

CSP R​egistration/ CSP Bible

Every new agent that is in the registration process will have a CSP (Customer Service Professional) package emailed to them which will give them instructions on how to get registered on the Arise platform and with our Company. The CSP Bible has very Important infromation for all our agents to keep and review this CSP Bible will help all remote agents from start to finish. Our company will email all our new agents one of each.

Remote Agent Resources & Guides!

At LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC we are always prepared with tons of information when it comes to helping our remote agents. Our company feels every unique agent must have all the information they need to help them on this new path of becoming a new remote agent. Our company will make sure to email all agents resources and guides on how to get registered with our company and on the Arise platform from start to finish.

We Got You Covered!


What is Arise?

Arise is a virtual technology platform which gives agents access to a variety of fortune 500 Companies.

Are there any Fees?

Yes. The fee for Arise Background check will be $9.99 One Time Only. For using Arise Platform $19.75 per payroll and LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC $37.00 per payroll.

What Is Certification?

Certification will be your training for whatever client you choose to work for. You will always have a live instructor with other students, which will consist of Daily self-paced homework, quizzes, weekly test, and final examinations.There is a fee for certification which range from $19 to $250 depending on client. Certification is unpaid but some clients do pay incentives in certification. All certification training prepares Customer Service Professional to take customer calls, policies, systems,etc.

Pass certification training and start making money right away.

Certification is typically 4 hours per day. 9a-1p or 6p-10p, some clients offer additional client times.

What is the Pay Rate?

Pay rate depends on the Client program. Client programs pay range between $8.50-$14.00 per hour + Bonuses. (Varies On Client)

Top performing agents make anywhere from $300-1200 biweekly (including bonuses)."

Direct Deposit 15th and 30th/31st of each month

What skills would I need as a remote agent?

Customer Service Skills

Clear and Effective Communication




Positive Attitude

Basic Computer Skills

Communication Skills

Data Entry/Typing

What state can I work from?

  We offer remote opportunities to all agents in the U.S. We are currently not hiring in Massachusetts, Maryland, California,Connecticut, Oregon, New York, Wisconsin.

Can I work any hours?

Yes. At LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC you have the freedom and flexibility to work on your own time while earning an income. You can work Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, and Nights its what you prefer. 

What is needed for serving? / Does your company help with equipment

Landline phone (Plain phone line)

Internet Modem(hardwired connection using an Ethernet cord from your computer to the modem)

Computer/Laptop (Windows 8,and 10)

Phone with headset (AGPTEK recommended brand)

USB Headset with microphone (Logitech recommended brand)

Workstation Requirements Document

No.Our company does not help with equipment this is an investment all agents have to make in order to service any client.

Does it cost to get started?

We hire Independent Contractors only. It does not cost to apply for a position or to create your agent profile (once your application is approved). Our Clients do require each Individual agent to become certified on their program, which requires certification training. All agents must pay for their certification our company (LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC) is not responsible for any Cost of certification or equipment.

Does your comapny offer any incentives?

Yes. After completing certification our company will reimburse you after 90 days for the First certification only.

Enroll within 30 days earn up to $40, Enroll within 45 days earn up to $10, Enroll within 10 days earn up to $100.

What is a Independent Contractor?

A Independent Contractor is an individual who is not an employee. There will be an agreed singed contract between the agents and LakeshaHillCompay-AriseLLC. 

 Do I pay taxes as an independent contractor?

 You will have a 1099 form sent out to you at the end of each year from LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC. As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for paying applicable federal, state or local taxes. You may be able to write off any expenses off on your taxes."

When can I choose a Client?

Clients are the different companies that are on the Arise platform which you will be able to choose from once you have passed the background check with Arise and finalized all paper work with LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC.

What our agents are saying

I've been with LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC for 4 years. I Love working for this company because from the time I started there was always help with any questions and concerns I had, This company was there every step of the way. I have so much support and flexibility I will never dream of working any where else.

Cassandra - LakeshaHillCompany-Arise,LLC 

Ms. Hill has been so helpful to me while I've  been at her company. I feel she has been such a blessing to my family and me I have made extra income working around my own schedule which is why I signed up with her company. Ron-LakeshaHillCompany-Arise,LLC

Ms. Hill is very professional and takes pride in her company. Any questions or concerns that may arise she always responds in a timely manner. It has been a great experience thus far working for her. She has provided one on one sessions to assist and help in my success. It's safe to say that I made a great choice by choosing her company. You should choose her as well and I promise you will not regret it.  Erica- LakeshaHillComapny-Arise,LLC

What our agents are saying​

LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC is awesome. I have been with this company for 3 years and I feel this is a great career for single mothers who need to make their own schedule to balance out their life. Highly recommended!

Ebony -LakeshaHillCompany-Arise, LLC

I would like to say LakeshaHillCompany has been such a blessing to my life. These have been some really hard times for me and my family with the pandemic going on. I would encourage others to sign with up with her company because we all need to stay safe. Pam,-LakeshaHillCompany-Arise,LLC

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LakeshaHillCompany-AriseLLC is always looking forward to answering any questions and concerns you may have. Our company has partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions LLC to make sure all remote agents have legitimate work from home opportunities. Our company would like to Thank you so much for your time please feel free to contact us.

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